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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


  • A Trauma Bond is an Intense, Unhealthy Emotional Conne​ction: A powerful, damaging emotional link forms between ​the narcissist ​and their partner.
  • Characterized by Cyclical Behavior: This​ bond is marked by phases of high affection and attenti​on (known as "love bombing"), which then shift ​to devaluation​ and mistreatment.
  • Emotional Dependency: The partner​ becomes dependent on the narcissist, confusing sporadic act​s of kindness with genuine ​love or affection.
  • Complicates Leaving: This dependenc​y and hope for the narcissist's return to a more affectionate ​state make it very difficult for the partner to break away from​ the relationship.
  • Recognition is Key to Healing: Identify​ing the signs of a narcissistic trauma bond is a crucial s​tep in the healing process a​n​d moving forward.

About My Work

Narcissistic abuse recovery coaching offers ​profound benefits for those who have suffered ​manipulation and devaluation.

Our Trauma Bond Detox programs include ​private and group coaching designed to ​release the fears and emotional triggers that ​keep you stuck in a Trauma Bond with your ​abuser, so you have the freedom to live a ​normal life again.

Coach Marv has over 30 years experience as ​an EFT practitioner, with advanced trauma ​training in Evidence Based Emotional Freedom ​Techniques.

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Going the Extra Mile

These programs help clients to validate and neutralize their negative experiences and emotions, which is crucial for rebuilding ​self-esteem. Recovery coaching also equips clients with strategies to set healthy boundaries, a skill that protects against future ​emotional exploitation.

Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of love bombing, gaslighting, bread-crumbing, emotional withholding, energy vampires ​and flying monkeys, and breaking free from the cycle of negative self-thought. We’ll also delve into the long-lasting effects of ​adverse childhood experiences and work towards mending those old wounds.

I understand that taking the first step towards recovery can be daunting, which is why I would like to extend an invitation to you ​for a free consultation call. This call is a chance for us to get to know each other, for me to understand your unique struggles and ​needs, and for you to ask any questions you may have about our programs.

There’s absolutely no obligation—just an open, supportive conversation about how we can start your journey towards balance and ​fulfillment.

Don’t let past abuse dictate your life any longer. Let’s work together to rediscover the joy and vitality that you deserve.


Trauma Bond ​Detox​

It’s a gentle way to face the tough memories ​without having to dive into the details, and it can ​make you feel less anxious and more in control. This ​can be a big help if you’re dealing with ongoing ​stress from the past, getting too many worrisome ​thoughts, or feeling like your emotions are all over ​the place.

List of topics and and training:

  • Boundary Setting and Non-negotiables
  • 7 Steps of a Trauma Bond
  • Understanding the Attraction Between the ​Narcissist and the People Pleaser
  • Distorted Thinking in a Narcissistic Relationship
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Developing Intuition
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences

What My Clients Say

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Cory F.

This is incredible. This is the first time I’ve ​ever tried anything like this and I’d say at ​this stage in my healing, this is by far the ​most powerful. I feel a lot more peaceful, a ​lot more accepting, it feels like me stepping ​into my truth more.

Dr. Naaila Hudani

Marv Curtis is an expert in the process and ​release of trauma triggers developed in ​narcissistic relationships. Marv’s ​commitment to helping others find freedom ​from their past experiences is inspiring. I ​highly recommend Marv as a Narcissistic ​Abuse Recovery Coach

Close-Up Shot of a Curly-Haired Woman

Karen C.

I have been working with Marv in a weekly ​group zoom meeting. These sessions have ​been very helpful in understanding what I ​have been dealing with, and more ​importantly, how to manage, process, and ​release the emotions that have plagued me ​for too long. I highly recommend this if you ​are seeking answers, seeking solutions, or ​feeling stuck.

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